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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A review of Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience

A review of Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience - WIN!

You will know by now that I have a love/hate relationship with Peppa and her porcine family.

I've been to Peppa Pig World not once, but twice in the space of a single year, and even treated myself to a live show in between. All with at least one toddler in tow, you understand. I'm not weird.

Those of you with your own toddlers will probably be aware (or soon will be) that Peppa's next step in world domination is the Big Screen; yes - Peppa Pig is now providing toddlers with their first cinematic experience. We were lucky enough to be invited along to an advance screening in London of Peppa Pig - My First Cinema Experience, which opens at cinemas nationwide on Friday 7th April.

And who could say no to that?

After a thankfully uneventful train journey, we arrived in London. 

The kids were very excited about the trip; the big one had been to the cinema once before but this was the small one's first time. He's a big Peppa Pig fan, of course. Show me a toddler that isn't.
When we arrived at the cinema, they got a chance to meet Peppa and George which they were both really enthusiastic about until they got to the front of the queue at which point they both became terrified, which is probably a more natural reaction to a pair of eight foot something pigs if you ask me.
After a bit more Peppa-based fun, we found some seats and settled down for nine new episodes of Peppa, interspersed with a bit of singing (with actions).

I will try not to ruin it for you all... 

Highlights included the Queen driving a bus on a tour of London, underwater adventures in Australia and a Jo Brand as a crocodile feeding penguins?

Sound a bit mental?

Yes, it was truly the stuff of my nightmares; there is even a new song, which is as annoying and catchy as the Bing Bong Song and is currently repeated daily...but the kids loved it. It even held the little one's attention which is no mean feat.

The big one actually cried at the end because (in her words) she 'missed Peppa so much'. It was a definite hit with the kids, they both had a fantastic time.
Inspired by the show, we then went to Buckingham Palace so the big one could show the Queen her crown. She wasn't there, or at least she didn't answer the door. Rude.
For more information about the show and to book tickets, head over to: www.peppa1stcinema.co.uk.

We received tickets for the Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience preview in exchange for this review, words etc my own! Thanks to EOne for the show, we had a great time!

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  1. I was invited to this but couldn't make it unfortunately. Sounds like an awesome day out! I think my girls will love it!

  2. I am so excited for my little ones to see this they will love it. Entered your competition too. Fingers and toes crossed! Kate x

  3. im taking my daughter to see this at weekend, i think im more excited than her :-)


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