The perfect Mother’s Day gift with Bella and Bow review

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The perfect Mother's Day gift with Bella and Bow personalised handprint silver jewellery necklace review

Let’s be honest, when your kids are small, you don’t really expect much for Mother’s Day. 

It’s essentially a test for your husband or partner, to see if he can remember, and manage to do crafting on the sly. Last year, I got a lovely card with missing chocolate and a mug. This year, I am not so secretly hoping for a lie in. Maybe some breakfast in bed which isn’t Play Doh.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was offered a personalised keepsake to review from Bella and Bow. It’s a little bit early but I’m counting it as my Mother’s Day gift to myself (I still want that lie in though).

I was genuinely very excited; I’d seen them pop up on Facebook and knew that they make a whole range of unique and beautiful personalised jewellery and other lovely gifts, such as keyrings, charms and bracelets.

Handprint Bella and Bow necklace double

I chose a handprint necklace like the one shown above, which looked lovely. I have nothing like this at all; no sentimental bits and pieces. No kept clothes, no baby footprints. Mainly rubbish photos.

In my excitement, I kind of forgot to consider the fact that I’d need to get handprints off of the children*.

Oh, myyy.

*They actually do a mess free kit so you don’t have to do this… But we had fun as you can see.

Hands successfully printed, photographed and sent off, it then took a week or two for my necklace to arrive.

When it came, it was beautifully presented in a lovely box, and came with a little keepsake bag and a silver polishing cloth.

Please excuse the toddler finger marks on the box.
This is why I cannot have nice things.

I absolutely adore it. I’d say it was my most treasured piece of jewellery but there isn’t too much competition.

I’ve edited out the full names for privacy

The necklace has their handprints and first names on the front (I’ve checked against the handprints which are now on the fridge, they’re definitely theirs!); on the back are their dates of birth, in case I’m ever in doubt, which could happen.

I was so pleased with it that I took my first ever pub-loo selfie.

I received this necklace free of charge for the purposes of this review. If you would like to shop with Bella and Bow you can use the code WWW10 at the checkout for a 10% discount off of full price products.



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