The desk at the bottom of the garden: Our log cabin home office

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The desk at the bottom of the garden: Our new log cabin garden office from Johnson's Garden Buildings and Kit Out My Office

Well well; the log cabin garden office which we’ve been deliberating over for a year, and planning for about three months is finally here.

Now I’ll say from the off that this post isn’t intended to be laugh out loud hilarious, and probably isn’t even vaguely funny, but I know there are a few people (mainly bloggers) who had expressed an interest in seeing more, and so here we are.

We started looking at log cabins in 2015, but once we’d factored in the electrics, the insulation, the build etc etc we dismissed the idea as too expensive and instead decided that we should instead put the money towards an extension, and started the process of getting plans drawn up, seeking planning permission etc.

As you can probably imagine, we still have no extension. These things never run smoothly. It’s due to start around April next year.

In one of those all-too-predictable moves we actually started to lean back towards the idea of an external log-cabin-cum-garden-office, as well as the extension. After a few showroom visits, we went for this one from Johnson’s Garden Buildings in 4m x 2.4m which was the right size for our garden and came in within our budget.

We decided to put the garden office in a corner of the garden which was home to two compost bins (and a lot of slow worms) which needed to be moved, and a hedge which had to be dug up.

I tried to find a before photo but they all had naked children in them, so this is the best I can do I’m afraid.

Right there behind that car.
The kids were very helpful, as per.

It was supposed to be around four weeks between us clearing the ground and the cabin being delivered. However, as with every blinking thing, it ran late and rather than mid-November they couldn’t fit in a two-day build until the second week in December, which happened to be areally foggy, miserable day.

Almost annoyingly, it actually only took one day to build.

From there we had to varnish the inside and paint the outside; fortunately and quite unexpectedly the weather held out for us so we were able to get it done in one weekend.

…And here it is!

With the addition of electricity, Wifi (isn’t technology marvellous) and a heater, it just needs a few more homely touches such as loads of crud everywhere.
Yes, the doors lock and yes, I am planning to use it to hide from the kids.

The desk is the UCLIC Engage Bench Desk (1200mm) from Kit Out My Office.
The Carta Marina print was a fairly drunken purchase from AllPosters.
The office chair is pretty flash; it was a new purchase from Amazon. We actually ended up with two because husband got too keen and did a duplicate order.
The rug was a bit of a bargain at our local Homesense.
I am in love with Moleskine notebooks; they make me feel totes profesh but are actually just full of doodles and shopping lists.
The tiki cocktail mug I believe I shamelessly robbed from a bar as a student, although my memory is hazy. If ugly desk accessories are your thing, you can find something similar here.
The cactii… who knows.

I received the UCLIC Engage Bench desk (£191 including VAT) for free from Kit Out My Office for inclusion within this post. Kit Out My Office are a family run company in Dewsbury. Their furniture is made in their own factory, and they are FSA approved.



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