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Saturday, 17 September 2016

The one where I went to the MADBlog Awards 2016

The one where I went to the MADBlog Awards 2016

Last night I went along to the #MADBlogAwards as a finalist in the Best New Blog Category.

It was fabulous fun; the wine flowed, the food was good and the company was acceptable (calm down, I'm just kidding). Seriously though, bloggers are a fantastic bunch of people and man can they drink. The hangover is strong today my friends.

As I predicted when the finalists were announced, the award went to the fab Sam Avery who is, annoyingly, a very funny and nice guy.

I called this early on - the guy has a lot of followers and has gone viral a bunch of times - but this story kind of cemented it in my mind that I was playing with the big boys and I was actually really bloody lucky to be nominated!

A month or so after the nominations were announced, I was invited to a job interview.

It was an all day affair for a very high-pressure, serious, senior job and I very quickly realised that it probably wasn't compatible with my desire to work part time and around my kids. During the interview stage at the end (by which time I had, sadly, realised it was not for me) they commented on the little bit at the end of my CV that said I was a MADBlog Award finalist.

I was in two minds about whether I should include it to be honest. On the one hand, it's actually an achievement I'm bloody proud of and showed that I had been doing something while I'd been on maternity leave to keep my mind semi-active.

On the other, it probably doesn't present me in the most professional light and I swear a lot. But you can't deny that it is me.

Anyway, I decided to roll with it, thinking that no one would even read it. But read it they did, and they asked me about it, so cringing massively I explained what my blog was about. I've got to say, the panel did not look hugely impressed.

One lovely lady could probably sense my embarrassment and to throw me a bone perhaps, mentioned that although she didn't read parenting blogs, there was this hilarious guy on Facebook and in the paper who writes about his twins.
With my #chucklemums bestie Mumzilla and winners Sam Avery and Jamie from A Day in the Life
Yep, that was my MADBlog Awards rival. Made me feel super confident, that did. 

Congrats Sam, well deserved.
With Mumzilla and Franca
Anyway! Thank you so much to everyone that voted.

Making the final absolutely made my day; I am so very, very chuffed to have been there. Having the awards to look forward to has helped me to keep going; it would be a bit embarrassing to turn up to a blogging awards having jacked it in months ago. Whether that's a good or a bad thing... Well I'll leave that to you to judge!
With Mumzilla (again!) and Eilidh from Mummy and Monkeys
Me with Sam from Mouse Moo and Me Too
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  1. It looks like you had a great evening..
    Well done for making the finals. It's not all about winning :D x

    1. Thank you Kim! No, definitely not all about winning. The free wine... That is what it's about!

  2. Great photos from the evening. Such a shame you didn't win. Already voted for you for the mumsnet blogging awards xx

  3. A winner in my eyes to even be there, lovely! Seriously, well done!

  4. I will always vote for you Fran fellow Nov 13er xxx It is a massive compliment to have made it as far as you did x good luck with mumsnet

  5. Huge congratulations on being nominated. You've got my vote for Blogfest already x


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