Friday, 13 May 2016

Guest blog: Beta Mummy does bathtime!

Guest blog: Beta Mummy does bathtime

As anyone who follows me over on Facebook or Twitter can't have missed, I'm on my holidays!

This of course means I'm too busy sipping sangria and sunning myself (or trying to apply suncream to tantrumming children and wishing I hadn't eaten the prawns at the buffet) to write a post this week, so instead I asked one of my favourite bloggers, Beta Mummy, to help me out and do a doodle just for you, my dear readers.

You have probably read how bath time goes down with the Whingelets. It seems that my experiences are not unique!

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  1. So true! Sadly.... Another brilliant doodle from Beta Mummy. Love it. Lucy at occupation: (m)other

  2. Brilliant post! Love "freezing tits off" :) x

    1. Except when it's actually happening. FML.

  3. I enjoy Beta Mummy's drawings and happy to see them here too! They always give me a good chuckle. Keep up the good work, Beta Mummy. :)

  4. I laugh every single time I see one of your drawings - at every part of the picture - I am officially your BIGGEST fan! Just brilliant - every time!


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