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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2016 to all the parents

...To all the parents who have eaten the majority of their children's chocolate already.

Remember, you are doing the nation's childhood obesity crisis a favour and your children will come to thank you for it one day.

As is tradition, the grandparents went all out and supplied these two with more chocolate than a two year old and a baby could possibly need, want or physically ingest without vomiting. A notable mention here to their 96 great-grandad who had to be gently dissuaded by my mum from buying out the whole of the supermarket.

I would love to say we were the kind of parents who would never give chocolate to a baby. I'm sure we were, once.
I hope you all enjoy the Easter holidays; those who have excitable sugar-filled children who are on school holidays - good luck to you - and those like me, with little ones, trying to get on with business as usual as painlessly as possible. The weather is supposed to be absolutely dire, all the toddler groups are of course cancelled and soft play will be horrendously busy and sweaty and full of big children. I can hardly contain my excitement.

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  1. Ha ha - my two are 3 and 2, and I hate the school holidays! Bloody kids everywhere. If the weather doesn't improve tomorrow I'm going to cry. And yes, I am currently drinking wine and eating the kids' chocolate.


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