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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Londonit: Whingelets tackle the big smoke

So Monday might have been wet, miserable and full of poop but on Wednesday, I got my parenting mojo back.

We had a thoroughly exhausting but brilliantly fun day out in our nation's fair capital. See? It's not always doom and gloom over here (it's just arguably funnier - for you, not me - when it is).

We were lucky enough to be invited along begged to go along to a Little Tikes event to have a look at (and a play with) their new range of toys.

It meant actually dragging the big one out of bed in order to make the train to London, which was quite satisfying in a way. I cannot wait to do that to the small one; I will be oh so full of glee.

Fortunately, Daddy was on hand to get us out of the door on time and even came along with us for the first part of the journey; good job really as I took the double buggy (roughly the size and weight of a Sherman tank) and the lifts at the station weren't working...

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Wet Mondays

Well goodbye summer... and hello autumn.

With late September comes conkers, browning leaves, the smell of bonfires lingering in the air... The nights are drawing in earlier, just perfect for snuggling. Hot chocolate is mandatory and of course, there's  the ability to hide excess pounds with thick woolly jumpers. That all sounds quite lovely and romantic doesn't it?

Well it ISN'T.

Autumn also means COLD, DARK and RAIN. Autumn is a BASTARD, and only marginally more acceptable than winter which is colder, darker and wetter but with the addition of Christmas hell to get through.

I really want to be that person that finds wandering in the wilderness to the sound of the rain pattering on my waterproof jacket fun and therapeutic, the person that enjoys splashing in muddle puddles with a delighted squeal and collecting fallen leaves... But I'm not. And neither are the kids. Even getting them from the house to the car when it's a big soggy outside is met by universal complaint. No amount of pumpkin spiced latte is going to make up for the fact that everyone is sodding miserable.

And to add insult to injury, today is Monday. It's autumn, it's wet and it's Monday. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Eight toilet training tips to get you out alive

Another potty training blog? You ask.

Yup. I'm aware I've already shared my potty training disasters with you. Sorry about that, but as any blogger will know, I have to work with what I have. And what I currently have in abundance are stories about wee.

It's generally going quite well. Relatively speaking. We are pretty much home and dry... Today we had to dash into a McDonalds on very short notice for a McWee and it might have been just a teensy bit late (for her, not me) but we are definitely on the home stretch.

So now, I want to be smug while I still can, and thus I offer you my actual, genuine top tips for potty training. Real ones, I promise.

1. Wait

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

HappyCalc maths puzzle review

The big one has just started preschool.

It is an emotional time. Not for her (she's fine), for me.

Mainly because of the fact she's only away for three hours at a time twice a week and during those three hours (about 2hrs 40minutes taking out the walk there and back) I have to:
First day of preschool.
  • Get the small one down for his nap. Last Thursday this took an hour and 45 minutes. It was not a good day
  • Make the house reasonably presentable, put on washing, put the dishwasher on (this step often gets skipped entirely, I won't lie)
  • Watch Bake Off
  • Wait for the computer to upgrade Windows because it's decided it has to do it NOW
  • Maybe do an online shop. Or a real one (shudder)
  • Write stuff for this blog. 

Oh, and of course it means she's growing up too. Sob.

I genuinely can't believe how quickly it's happening, right in front of my eyes she has turned from a bald, puking, screaming newborn to a puking, screaming toddler with a metric tonne of attitude and extremely beautiful hair, which old ladies stop us and comment on at least once per day.

She's a bright little cookie too. I mean, all kids are according to their own parents, I know that, but she's not even three and her understanding of things just blows me away. You cannot pull the wool over her eyes, not ever. She also has this excitement about learning. She wants to know WHY. Because it just is, and I'm your mother and I said so, that's why.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

The one where I went to the MADs

Last night I went along to the #MADBlogAwards as a finalist in the Best New Blog Category.
It was fabulous fun; the wine flowed, the food was good and the company was acceptable (calm down, I'm just kidding). Seriously though, bloggers are a fantastic bunch of people and man can they drink. The hangover is strong today my friends.
As I predicted when the finalists were announced, the award went to the fab Sam Avery who is, annoyingly, a very funny and nice guy.

I called this early on - the guy has a lot of followers and has gone viral a bunch of times - but this story kind of cemented it in my mind that I was playing with the big boys and I was actually really bloody lucky to be nominated!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

I had two c-sections (and I don't feel guilty)

I had two c-sections (and I don't feel guilty)
I started blogging when my son was almost six months old, so (fortunately for you) there has been a distinct lack of pregnancy and birth chat.

However, the past month or so you will have noticed that I've had a few guest posts on the subjects of pregnancy and birth and I've even written a bit about my own pregnancy. As well as confirming to me how much I really never want to do it again, it has made me reflect on my own birth stories.

It never really occurred to me to overthink the actual giving birth bit of making a baby. I like to live in denial and I guess, as suggested by my friend in her brilliant guest blogI just didn't think the whole contractions and pain malarkey actually applied to me.

Turns out, it didn't. 

I gave birth to both of my children, or perhaps more accurately had them surgically extracted, by elective cesarean section.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Road trip! Testing the Axkid Minikid extended rear facing car seat

Road trip! A review of the Axkid Minikid extended rear facing car seat
At 14 months, the small one still fits inside his baby car seat. 

However knowing it wouldn't last too much longer (these kids do insist on growing, don't they, the little buggers?) we recently started to look for a new extended rear facing (ERF) car seat for him.

There are so many options now for ERF carseats. When my niece moved into her group 1 car seat almost seven years ago, the choice was extremely limited if you wanted rear facing, which to be fair might be better for people like me that cannot make a single decision on anything. There were one or two available to order online, otherwise you could import one from Sweden, where they are miles ahead of us Brits when it comes to car seat safety.

With this in mind, I approached Axkid, a Swedish company whose range of seats available in the UK are all Plus Tested. For the uninitiated that basically means their seats are very safe. I was amazed and so pleased when they agreed to send me two of their Minikid carseats for review. The seats can be used from 9kg all the way up to 25kg (that's 7 years old give or take!) so they would do both Whingelets for many years to come. I was pretty much pee-my-pants excited. Matching seats! (I don't get out much).

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