Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Q&A Blogger Tag

The Q&A Blogger Tag: More about me!
OK, so. The wonderful Suzanne from the marvellous And Another Ten Things (honestly, she's hilarious. Please check out her blog) nominated me in this blogging challenge.

Under normal circumstances I would probably politely decline but I am SO BUSY right now (thanks, children who do not nap) that of course this has to take precedence over everything else.

So, whilst sticking my fingers in my ears and pretending that important things like remortgaging don't exist, I'm going to spend the next half hour or so of my life filling in Suzanne's questionnaire instead.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Me and my shadow: The clingiest kid in town

Me and my shadow: The clingiest kid in town
I'm aware I've done a lot of moaning about my son lately.

I'm would apologise, but that is basically what this blog is for. I don't make money out of it, it eats up the majority of my very limited spare time, it's way more complicated than I ever anticipated, but it's a place I can moan. It's cathartic, it's my therapy.

Don't get me wrong; of course, I love my kids. Lots. The most. They're the best little people in the world. It's just that, like every other mum on the planet (and if you disagree you're lying or you're Topsy and Tim's mum) I don't necessarily like them every single moment of every day.
He has so many good qualities. He has awesome hair, and is unbelievably cute. He's bright, he tries to do everything himself and he even likes to tidy up. He eats whatever he's given (so far). But he is crap at napping, and is a whingebag too. To make the hat trick, he's also really clingy.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Ten top tips for selling stuff online

Ten top tips for selling stuff online: A compendium of facebook selling site fails
Being a parent is an expensive business, particularly if one of you has to give up working to stay at home and look after the kids.

Raising a little bit of extra cash is therefore a very appealing prospect. It is no wonder that lots of people turn to eBay, Gumtree and Facebook selling groups to raise some pocket money from unwanted items; baby clothes that the kids have grown out of, toys they probably never even used, general baby related paraphernalia, dresses you will never fit into again and furniture that is now deemed too dangerous to have inside the house.

I recently sold some baby toys via a local Facebook group. The woman who bought them was on time and it was the first time I'd seen a new fiver so I got pretty excited.

I must admit though, selling groups can become a little addictive, but probably not for the reasons you think. No, I am not spending the housekeeping on buying second hand tat, but I am obsessed with seeing the treasures that people are trying to offload; in among the veiled attempts to lure people into the clutches of the latest MLM or hawking shit scrabble tile pictures, there are some real gems out there and fortunately I have a group of friends who seem to share my sad little fixation.

I feel I'm now an expert in how you should approach online selling in Facebook groups, and I offer my top tips to you here, together with some of our best finds. You're most welcome.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Blogging: It's not all about awards (But it helps)

Blogging: It's not all about awards (But it helps)
I said when I started blogging about blogging, I'd put myself out to pasture.

But please indulge me; normal complaining about my children and silliness will (hopefully) resume shortly.

When I started this blog, I was in that space that I imagine many women with small children, particularly ones suffering with reflux and general inability to sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time without waking up with a whinge on, find themselves; straddling between being really tired, angry and pissed off with the unfairness of life, and that feeling that it's quite possible you're actually going mad. It wasn't quite tipping the balance into post natal depression. I could tell because I knew, in my heart of hearts, that a few nights of good sleep - preferably away from the kids, in a nice hotel, with a nice warm bed uninhabited by writhing children and above all else, silence - would have seen me right. I might have locked myself in and refused to come home for a bit but it would have done me a world of good.

Sadly I didn't quite get the opportunity for an escape, so instead I started writing a blog.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Make bath time magical with Colours of the Sea Ariel

Make bathtime magical (or at least less painful) with Colours of the Sea Ariel: We review the Colours of the Sea Ariel Toddler Doll from Jakks Pacific. And we like it. Well, she does, I'm fairly ambivalent about dolls but I am almost 33.
I've tried so hard, but I admit defeat.

She has had blocks, bricks, cars and trains. She's watched Cars and she's watched Bob the Builder. She's never been forced into pink. But all to no avail; My little girl just wants to be a Disney Princess.
Just popping to the shops
It started with Frozen. The older girls at the childminder's and her cousin loved it, and soon she was singing Let It Go. Not perfectly - she was only little, under two - but fairly tunefully. After listening to Lettigoooo solidly for a fortnight we decided it would be a good idea to expand her repertoire.

As a child, I wasn't really one for dollies and dress up, but I did like Disney films.

Of them all, The Little Mermaid was (and still is) my favourite. It was released in UK cinemas one week before my seventh birthday, incidentally 26 years ago today (I've given it all away there, haven't I? Not long now...Better get that present sorted) and my parents took me to the cinema to see it. My little sister screamed when the sea witch came on the screen and I'm pretty sure threw popcorn everywhere, but I loved it. I still know all the words to all the songs.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Whine my dear? Investigating the abject misery of the second-born child

Whine my dear? Investigating the abject misery of the second-born child
Today has been extremely trying.

The small one has a cold, and therefore has been stuck on turbo-whinge mode. You'll know by now that my son is fond of several things; among them, putting himself in mortal danger and getting stuck in things, but above all else whinging constantly, as previously noted, like a wasp stuck in a jar. I could provide more video evidence but I'm sure you all have your own annoying children to listen to.

He's always been the same and I have pretty much given up hope of him waking up one day and thinking you know what, it's a beautiful day! I have literally not a care in the world! Maybe I'll be jovial instead.
I didn't come up with the name of this blog by accident, you know.
He's also fairly 'clingy', for want of a better word. He loves his mum (that's me, in case you weren't following that closely) and making up the list of things he does not like are; not being with me, not being able to touch me, waiting patiently in a separate room without potential burning hazards whilst I attempt to provide nourishment, and of course, letting me pee on my own. Soon, I will update you all on how he is getting on at the childminder's (spoiler alert: not very well, so far).

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The nap jerk

The nap jerk:When it comes to the process of actually getting to sleep in the day... Well, I often say it's a good job he is cute because if he wasn't, I'd probably leave him in a ditch or something
Around nine months ago, so my blog (which I had just started) reminds me, my son had yet to sleep through the night.

He first achieved it around three months later, aged about nine months; I've never blogged excessively about this momentous occasion because I didn't want to jinx it. Don't get me wrong, a good night's sleep in this house is by no means a forgone conclusion and he has yet to discover the joys of the morning lie-in; he is a perpetual, irritatingly early riser and often midnight bed invader. HOWEVER I am certainly not complaining (today); I know it could be a lot worse.

But when it comes to the process of actually getting to sleep in the day... Well, I often say it's a good job he is cute because if he wasn't, I'd probably leave him in a ditch or something*.

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